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City Hall Amsterdam District East

Guided by Jacot Audiovisueel, Gemeente Amsterdam Oost chose the newest conference system form Bosch: DCN Multimedia. De city of Amsterdam Oost made a huge step forward with the promotion from an old, big and complex system to a new advanced system which is very easy to use.

The council chamber is besides DCN Multimedia also equipped with a state of the art central control system of the vendor Crestron. Every part of the audiovisual installation can be directed with this system. With a single touch on the smooth 10 inch touchpanel controling is arranged in no time.

Besides the displaying of speakers at the central monitor, the images of the speakers are also shown on te touchscreens of the DCN Multimedia stations. With the device it's also possible to watch various documents including the agenda and voting results. For the display Jacot adopted an innovative automatic camera registration system. Hereby the camera automatically brings the speaker into focus. A very succesful project with great satisfaction of the City of Amsterdam Oost.

Tags: Discussie- en vergaderapparatuur

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