Jacot Audiovisueel was approached by DTEK for our audiovisual expertise to decorate the new boardroom with an audiovisual installation. Since the headquarters of DTEK is situated in the Ukraine and consultations occur on a daily basis, Jacot installed a full-fledged telepresence system. This installation brought some new technical challanges along, because both English and Ukrainian is spoken and a distinction should be made between the original an the translated speech. By using DSP units in combination with a high-quality audiomatrix Jacot has delivered a unique and perfect functioning installation.


The new black conference stations from Bosch fit perfectly with the black table, which of course contributes to the sleek look of the room. The handling time for this project was extremely short, but due to a good preparation an equally amount of commitment, Jacot finished the project with the complete satisfaction of DTEK.

"...in November we held the first meeting of our top-managers in the new office in Amsterdam. It was made possible only due to hard work of all the involved parties. On behalf of the IT Department of our company I would like to thank you for your work, attention to detail and quick reaction to our requests."

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